You have landed at DKNY’s #IAMDKNY Digital Pop-Up!

If you are looking to shop the full DKNY line, please visit or click the link in the top left of this site.

If you are here to make your own custom t-shirt or tote bag with percentages that make you 100% YOU, then you are in the right place!

Simply click Make Your Own in the top right of this site to begin.


1. Add your custom text into the black fields at right of the t-shirt or tote image. As you add text you will see how it will look on the product.

2. Use the black circle buttons to the right of each line to increase or decrease that line’s percentage value. We’ll make sure you always total up to 100% YOU.

3. Click DONE button to choose your size (for t-shirts) and Add To Bag. 

4. Make more custom items, or click the Bag button in top right of site to check out and your delivery will be on its way in a New York minute!

If you are struggling in coming up with percentages, we have included a handy “Inspire Me” button to auto-fill empty lines as idea starters.

If you have any questions, please email


Each item will ship in its own DKNY pizza box, with the words "Freshly Made For You" inside to be perfectly giftable to yourself or anyone on your list. 


Orders will ship via FedEx. 

Please note we are only able to ship within the U.S.A. currently, but look forward to resuming shipping internationally again in early 2019.


Because each product is customized, returns are not offered.

Please contact Customer Support for individual cases or concerns.